Brian Thomas

Sprecher und Moderator

For Breaking News, Conferences and Podium Discussions– Brian is a Trusted Partner

The Berlin-based moderator and journalist, Brian Thomas, is known to audiences around the world as a main anchor for international broadcaster DW News.

Leading the news team through fast-paced events and interviewing industry experts and political leaders on topics such as the Eurozone crisis, Europe’s New Separatism and Germany’s Glass Ceiling for Female Executives are all part of a day’s work.

Brian brings elan and charm to the screen and stage when he moderates live events and hosts debates for clients in English and German.

„Humor is often a moderator’s best friend in live situations, but that only really works when the audience knows you have the depth of experience and neutrality they want in a host.“

Along with his news broadcasts and talk shows, Brian has led CEO level conferences and podium discussions for corporate clients like Continental and Siemens. He loves bringing creativity, energy and plenty of experience to live events that often call for a deep background in tough material and nuance in their presentation.